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My Tribe

Hello and welcome to Hatch, a photography business that I started with my beautiful wife Tracy just over 10 years ago. Like most lifestyle photographers, I started out photographing families and babies (hence the business name, Hatch).


I consider myself an introvert who transforms into an extrovert when behind a camera. 10 years+ and I've now captured over 200 Weddings, plus HS Seniors and Commission sessions.  


My biggest accomplishment and proudest moment since starting Hatch, is becoming a dad to our wonderful daughter, January. My faith, combined with the love I have for my family, have both greatly shaped my photography making it what it is today.


I absolutely love all the opportunities that stepping behind a camera has brought me. But what I cherish most and what truly drives me is not only getting to meet new people, but also developing long lasting relationships; all as a direct result of this business.  


Thank you for stopping by my page. I hope to connect with you and discover how we can create something beautiful together!  


Daniel DeWaard / Photographer

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